Toni & Guy Shine Gloss Serum Review

I can’t remember when i got this but I’m pretty sure it’s from one of my Glossybox’s. It must of been before I even started blogging back in may because I can’t see it in any posts I’ve done, but I’ve only got round to using it recently. I’m trying to find a serum that’s even better then my staple hair serum Avon Advanced Techniques Daily Shine Dry End Serum.


TONI&GUY HairMeetWardrobe is thrilled to announce an exclusive new designer partnership with the fashion force Lulu Kennedy who helped TONI & GUY dress up four best selling products. Toni&Guy Classic Shine Gloss Serum controls frizz with lightweight shine and alignment.
Its new graphic is Lulu’s interpretation of a classic design that will never go out of fashion.

My first gripe with this product is the packaging. I like to see how much I have left of a product so I’m not caught out if I pump and nothing comes out. It’s also been leaking which leaves the bottle quite sticky. It doesn’t make a very good first impression. But let’s get onto the actual product. It’s quite a thin consistency which I’m not used to having used my Avon serum for so long. It’s great for when you have blowdried your hair and you have those strands of hair that and flying away. I also love using it after straightening to make my hair look sleek. I use two pumps of this since I hair is so thick, but if you have short this hair you would only need one. I’d love to comment on how long this has lasted me, but I can’t see how much product is left. Although it’s a great serum for those pesky flyaways, it doesn’t give that Hydration to my ends. This is why I prefer Avons serum. It tackles those flyaways and leaves my hair hydrated in between washes.

If your hair is in good condition and you don’t need a serum that hydrates your hair, and only need it for flyaways then i would recommend this. If your hair is damaged and needs a boost every now and again then I’d look somewhere else. I’m not saying it’s a bad products, except for the packaging, it just doesn’t meet all of my personal needs.

Have you tried this hair serum? What did you think? What serums do you use? Let me know!


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