The Versatile Blogger Award


Hello beautiful people! So I was nominated for this lovely award by BeckInABlog. This is my first Versatile Blogger award and I’m very proud to have been thought of! Please check out Becks blog, I love her posts, she has great fashion and beauty content.


1. Show the award on your blog.

2. Thank the person who nominated you.

3. Share seven facts about yourself.

4. Nominate 15 blogs.

5. Link your nominee’s blogs & let them know.

Seven facts:

1. I’ve watched Eastenders for as long as I can remember.

2. I’m sooo bad at using up those tiny samples. I have a draw full of them!

3. I have 29 books to read on my kindle, but I always buy more when they are on offer! I think I have a problem..

4. Im gonna be 26 this year and that scares me!

5. I enter the Wimbledon ballot every year and have never won a chance to buy tickets. Fingers crossed for this year!

6. I’m still yet to get a tattoo. I always have an idea of what I want and then change my mind.. But it’s not the sort of thing you wanna get without absolutely knowing that’s what you want.

7. I love digestive biscuits. I could eat a whole pack if I didn’t have self control.

My Nominees (only doing 10 cause I think 15 is a lot!)

1. makeupbybarbz
2. Ginger Freckled Girl
3. MyBeautyConfessional
4. Rachwat
5. Lauren Essence
6. Curvy Hips and Done Up Lips
7. The World Of Cos
8. Jenny Adores Beauty
9. Luxe List
10. Beautyfullblog

If you have already done it girls that’s fine, just know I love all your blogs!

8 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Thanks so for the kind words! ❤
    Glad you did this – and I hope you get your tickets this year!!
    I'm the same with tattoos, I've had one idea that I've wanted for a couple years now but I'm too much of a wimp! x

    • I’ve always wanted big wings on my back, but people always tell me you shouldn’t have a bit tattoo as your first.. But that’s the only thing I’ve never really changed my mind on.. I’m in no rush anyway, it’s forever after all! Don’t want something I regret in a couple of years.

      • Exactly! That idea sounds lovely though. I know I want the lyrics ‘ever smiling, ever gentle on my mind’ probably like on the back of my shoulder or something. Its from my favourite song by Dean Martin, and we used to take his album on our family holidays every year and me and my brother would call it the ‘holiday album’! haha. Plus, he was my granddads favourite singer and when I was little and he was alive we’d listen to the songs at his house.
        My boyfriends mum said she never got tattoos till she was like in her 30s or something but she loves them because she waited for something important to her.

      • That’s so sweet! At least it means something to you too unlike alot of people’s tattoos! A lot of people these days just get tattoo for the sake of getting one. I never understood that.

      • I know what you mean! It’s something I’ve thought about for a long time and it’s nice to have a permanent reminder of people that arent around anymore.

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