January You Beauty Discovery Box First Impressions

Hello beauties! I hope you are all well. So I got this year’s first you beauty discovery box through the post the other day. I was really looking forward to receiving it because of one product in particular!


This month’s box is committed to banished the January blues, through the power of hand picked nourishing and revitalising edit of beauty and skincare products. In the spirit of new year new you month, each product in their January box has been selected for its dedication to fixing rather then changing, all in the hopes of making you feel and look better.

Merumaya Melting Cleansing Balm & Overnight Recharge Night Cream



A powerful duo that has got everyone tweeting! Marumaya’s Cleansing Balm and Overnight Recharge Night Cream duo first takes the chore out of cleaning and then ensures your skin is thoroughly moisturised and restore whilst you sleep. That’s two exclusive and pioneering formulations, taking the skincare industry by storm.

I’ve always wanted to try some of their products so this was a perfect oppuritinty grab some samples! I see them around all the time when I’m having a shop and I’ve always been interested by their products. Can’t wait to try them out!

Boutique Nail Varnish – Away With The Fairies


Set to transform the way women shop for their makeup bag essentials, boutique nail polishes have become must have additions. This easy to wear shade with the everyday woman in mind, is the ideal feminine shade to compliment your outfit, whatever the weather.

I always love trying out new nail varnishes. My nail varnish collection is quite big at the moment.. But I felt that from their shortlist I wouldn’t really use much else, or I already had! This is a lovely colour. The other colour was quite dark and I have too many dark nail varnishes so I thought I would go for this spring looking colour.





I have so many samples of different teas I don’t know what to do with them! I think I might have to give then to one of the girls at work because I don’t really like tea. But I’m really interested in trying out the Dove youthful vitality hair cream. I’m always up for trying out new hair products. I’ve had a gift card from hello fresh before and never used it. They put new recipes on each week and you choose which one you want to try, they sent you the ingredients and a how to cook guide, and they send it to your door step! I’d love to try it because I want to eat healthier.

So that’s what I got in this month’s box! Have you tried any of these? What did you think? Let me know!


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