Finding Your Foundation Match Online

Hello beauties! So i did a post recently about How To Pick The Perfect Foundation. It went down very well, but i had a comment from Gwenllian Branwen telling me that you can actually find your match online too! Whenever the sales come about online, I’m always really annoyed that i can’t take advantage of the Foundation offers if i haven’t tried out that brand of foundation before. So i thought i would bring this to the attention of the people that didnt know about it and give you my opinions on the sites. I wanted to compare a few website to see what the results gave me, because they are all going to be working off different algorithms. I picked the first 3 that came up on my Google search.

I first tried Findation. This site let’s you insert multiple foundations you have tired before and have been a match for you. I first only put in one match to see how that would work out. I put in Boots No.7 Beautifully Matte Foundation – 43 Calico. I went looking for another foundation i know suits my skintone which is Mac in NW13. It actually came up with 3 different mac shades. NC15, NW15 and NW13.

I didnt see any other ones i know are a match for me, so i decided to add one more to see what the results would show then. It does explain that for best results, tell us at least one more shade you’ve used before. So i did. I put in MAC — Studio Fix Fluid NW 13. The shades were still quite varied so i decided to put another which was Max Factor Facefinity 3 in 1 – 40 Light Ivory.

After this most of my matches came up with either Porcelain or Ivory, which i kind of expected, although there was a Sand and a Beige that came up which i would think would be way too dark for me. Its hard to tell to be honest because they dont give you a swatch to look at, just a shade name. It also only gives you a run down of the product from what the brand says and no personal opinions. It’s pretty useful for those brands that don’t go by the usual names of foundations.

The next Website i checked out was Temptalia. You can start from scratch on this one or you can add current matches.
I decided to start from scratch first to see how it worked out.

The first question i was asked was What is your primary Undertone? It explains the different undertones and tells you how you can find out yours, which is very useful if your not too familiar with undertones. So since i have Blue veins on my wrist, i am a cooler Pink undetone.

The last question it asks you is what skin tone you have. It gives you 9 options ranging from Fairest to Deep Dark. It gives you examples underneath of the different shades that are associated with Skintones, and also a list of the different undertones and then a run down of the different skintones with examples of popular matches. I couldn’t make my mind up between Fairest and Fair because i wasnt a match for the Mac in either. Fairest was giving me NW10, and Fair was giving me NW15. So i decided to just pick the one nearest to NW13 which would be NW15, that being Fair.


Going though my matches, i then saw Mac Studio Fix Fluid NW15, NW13 and NW10. This is is going to be useful for someone that is completely new to the world of foundation and wants to know about the different shades they should look out for, but i wouldnt really recommend choosing a shade from this section because they vairy quite a bit, even when you put your actual match for one brand and foundation, it still seems to give you different shades in the same!
The second option is to use an existing foundation you use to get matches for other brands. I put in the current one I’m using which is MAC — Studio Fix Fluid NW 13. Since it didn’t seem to like me putting my No7 foundation in. You can filter your results by what finish, coverage and price which i think is really handy since people have favourites.


I noticed while looking through my matches that in the Revlon Nearly Naked foundation, i was matched to 6 different shades! Not very accurate if you ask me as from just looking at the swatches I can see that all of them except ivory would be too dark. I like the swatches sk you can compare though unlike Findation. I prefer Fination’s method of adding a few different brands to get the best match though. It gives you a description of the product, but again their is no personal opinions.

The next website i went to was Match My Makeup. This one you only have to enter what you currently use (if its a match, of course!) Again i entered MAC — Studio Fix Fluid NW 13 as they didn’t recognise Boots No7. The selection seemed alot better then Temptalia. I got a couple of matches where i had a few shades in the same foundation, but they were all quite similar.


It gives you a little swatch to look at, like the ones you would see in the drugstores which is useful. The one thing i enjoyed about this one is that you can see what the brand says about the product, and what they said about it too which is what i like. You can’t always just go by what the brand says, which is why we do our beauty blogs.. to give you our opinion on what its really like! The one thing that annoyed me however is that when they had a few shades of the same foundation in your results, they werent next to eachother. It might be me being picky, but thats just how i felt.

Overall I feel that they all have their good points. But I don’t think I’d completely trust a match on their to purchase a brand of foundation I’m not too familar with online, since they can be so varied. I like how you can put multiple matches into Findation so you have a more accurate match, I like how you have large swatches on temptalia and how you can filter your results for different finishes, cost and coverage and I like on Match My Makeup that they give your their own opinion on the product. I think they can all learn from one another. On the plus side, I like having an idea of what to look for if I was to try a new brand. Every cloud has a silver lining! I may actually go into store and try out some of the matches they have all recommended me if you would all be intersted in a follow up. I’d be quite intersted to be honest, especially with the Beige and Sand matches!

Have you ever used one of these websites? What were your experiences?


2 thoughts on “Finding Your Foundation Match Online

    • You can tell from your veins on your wrist. If you have Green veins, it indicate a warmer, yellower undertone, Bluer veins indicate a cooler, pinker undertone. A mixture suggests you have neutral or olive undertones.

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