NOTD: my first attempt at nail art

I’ve never been one for nail art. Mostly because I’ve never actually brought any nail art equipment to experiment with.  But I got a Seventeen Nail Clash Collection so I thought I would give it a try!


I started with my Azature Lilac Diamond Nail Polish as a Base coat and then painted on the black triangles with my black nail art pen, and then outlined with the white nail art pen, both from my Seventeen Nail Clash Collection set. I was surprised how easy i found it to do! I really want to get some Barry M nail art pens so I can do more detailed patterns, as the ones I have at the moment are brushes. If anyone has used them let me know what you think! My Amazon basket is currently full of nail art equipment so I’ll be experimenting alot more!


6 thoughts on “NOTD: my first attempt at nail art

  1. Those are amazing. I used to do nail art all the time but now will limited time on my hands I stopped years ago. I may need to get back into it! Xxx

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