Make Up Gallery Time To Shine Nail Polish Review

Hello beauties! I hope you are all week. So these nail varnishes are from my Poundland Haul I did not that long ago. I was so curious to see how these nail varnishes would weigh up against drugstore nail polishes, or even high end. Considering that they are only £1 each (never would or guessed in a pound shop!) I wasn’t expecting alot. I’m the sort of person though that if I see a cheap nail polish, I’ll buy a couple just to see what it’s like. Cause when I find a cheap polish that’s amazing, I’ll go crazy and buy all the colours!



Purple Sheen



Time To Shine Nail Polish contains high shine, long lasting, quick drying colour that will transform your nails in minutes giving a sleek professional finish! This amazing range gives so much choice sporting 39 exciting colours for every type of occasion, mood or outfit! The range includes simple matte colours such as Winter White, Simply Nude, Latte & Mushrom Magic, pretty pastel colours such as Spearmint & Lilac Lush, brilliant brights such as Popping Pink, Electric Orange & Sunshine Yellow, dangerous darks such as deep Amethyst, Midnight Black & Sapphire Blue, not forgetting the metallics and glitters with Precious Gold, Silver Treasure, Teal Tinsel, Purple Glitz & Rainbow Sparkle.

The first polish I tried out was the Latte. I was surprised that the varnish was so opaque, I only needed one coat for a full coverage. I love it when I find a polish that is opaque, because it means less coats, which means less drying time, and it does dry fast too! Not as fast as some polishes, which I think is down to its thick consistency, but considering that it’s £1 a bottle I was very impressed! The longevity too is very impressive. I had it on for a week with only slight chipping.

The Purple Sheen required two coats because it’s a sheen colour so didn’t leave a flat colour on my nail bed. This one seemed to dry a bit faster then the latte. I think this is down to it being a thinner consistency. The longevity was also very impressive with this, but it only lasted me 4 days before it started to chip.

Overall, I think this is an amazing varnish for the price. At just £1 you could buy one of each colour and it not put a strain on your bank account. I’m so impressed with the longevity, and how opaque the latte shade is. If your after a cheap nail polish that isn’t going to break the bank, I suggest you head to your nearest Poundland!

What you found any cheap nail polishes that are amazing? Have you tried these out yet? What did you think? Let me know!

Glossybox April First Impressions

Hello beauties! Hope you’re all okay. So my Birchbox was amazing this month, so Glossybox had to do something pretty special to beat that.



This month’s box is paying homage to beauty royalty. This collectors edition box is inspired by the silver screen stars who’s elegant and timeless beauty is a relevant now as it was then. Whether you take inspiration from Marilyn Monroe, or the more demure Audrey Hepburn, a red lip and a feline flick are both essential.

Lord & Berry Lipstick Pencil in Kiss


Lord & Berry’s Crayon matte lipstick pencil offers an intense color, long lasting and ultra confortable application. Apply regularly on you lips as you would any other lipstick and see immediately how it soothes and softens. Long lasting textures, avaible in the four essential ranges of your emotional library: fantacy, drama, romance, poetry.

We were promised this item I the last box. This is the one product I loved in this box. The colour is right. I haven’t actually tried out these yet. Bonus that it’s a full sized item too worth £10. Got most of my money back from just that! Totally wearable colour. Looking forward to trying this out!

Astral Original Face & Body Moisturiser


Astral All Over Moisturiser is trusted with delicately balanced and nourishing ingredients, Astral locks in the skin’s natural moisture whilst still allowing it to breathe, leaving skin fresh, hydrated and protected. Astral- everyday indulgence you deserve.

This moisturiser certainly looks like it would pack a punch, it’s so thick and creamy. Considering its a favourite amongst Hollywood stars and make up artists, it’s quite cheap at £3.89 for a 200ml tub! Would of expected a bigger sample though! This is a 50ml sample. Packaging isn’t anything to write home about.. But as long as what’s inside is great, who cares!

POP Beauty Kajal Eyeliner Pen


Elizabeth Taylor’s iconic cat eye has never been easier to recreate, thanks to this sooty black kohl Pencil from Pop Beauty. Create a clicked wing with one swipe and what’s more, it’s super easy to blend for a smokies effect.

I have quite a few eyeliners that I need to get through so this will probably take me a while to get to. I tried to find this product on their website but it isn’t available, which is pretty pointless if I decide I like it.. This is a full sized item worth £6.50

Color Club Barely There Nail Polish


Nude nails are a key trend this spring, which also has roots in the Hollywood Era. Thus us one if our favourite shades for the coming season and complements any skin tone for a glossy and sophisticated finish.

I have so many nude nail polishes at the moment, but you can never have too many Nudes! I’ve been buying so many nail polishes at the moment that I could open up my own nail bar! This is a full sized item worth £4.10

IDC Body Lotion


Following in the footsteps of our favourite Hollywood icons, who lived taking the time to pamper, indulge in the beautiful aroma if lavender or rose with this soothing body lotion. Quickly absorbed, it instantly hydrates and nourishes for beautiful skin, leaving it silky soft and delicately scented.

When I first saw this, I thought it looked like the cheap body lotions you get in those sets that are littered on the shelves at Christmas… You know those ones you get in the 3 for 2 offers? It’s not a brand I’m at all familiar with or that actually wows me. However it does smell lovely, but it’s not gonna be an item is dying to try out. This is a 100ml bottle which is worth £3.59

This box didn’t really excited me at all. When I opened the box, I have to admit that I was a little disappointed. The only items I think I’ll be using is the Lord & Berry Lipstick Pencil and maybe the Astral Original Face & Body Moisturiser. Although I did get my money back from the items I received, which is always a bonus. It has a nice mixture of products which is nice to see, just not very many brands I’m excited about. I know these beauty boxes are about finding new brands to love, but the brands I’m unaware of in this box just seem a bit… Cheap.. Not that that’s a bad thing, but I think that these boxes are better used when finding out about high quality products. But I guess every box isn’t going to be a winner! Which is a little disappointed as Glossybox have been on a winning streak lately.

If you’re interested in subscribing to glossybox if you could use my referal link I get 200 glossybox points for every referal!

My Poundland Mini Haul

Hello beauties! I hope you’re all well. I don’t go into any Poundshop very much to be honest, but I’ve got into knitting lately! I was told that Poundland have some wool in at the moment so I popped in and saw that they had a make up stand!


So the brand is called MakeUp Gallery, which I haven’t heard of before, but you can check out their range here. Everything is a pound as you can probably guess!


The polish on the left is called Purple Sheen, and the one on the right is called Latte.


The polish on the left is a Top & Base Coat, and the one on the right is a Nail Hardener.

I’ve quickly tried the latte polish and i must say, I am very impressed with how opaque it is! I can’t wait to try them all out properly. I was quite impressed with how many shades were available! I’d of brought more but wanted to try these two out first before splurging… Even though they are only a pound each!

Reviews will be available soon!

Have you tried anything from MakeUp Gallery? What did you think? Have you tried their nail polishes? Let me know!

Birchbox April First Impressions

Hello beauties! I was so excited to receive this month’s Birchbox became of the Laura Mercier product we all got to choose. We had a choice between the foundation primer, mascara or eye pencil. I love it when they let you choose. I have too many mascaras at the moment and eye pencils, so I chose the primer!


Birchbox has declared this month Birchbox Royally Good! What better way then to celebrate the pending arrival of the fourth in line to the throne than by putting their own products on a novel pedestal! They have worked really hard to put together a really good combination of products for us.

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer


Laura Mercier Foundation Primer is a lightweight, creamy gel meant to be used prior to foundation, creating an invisible layer that acts as a buffer to outside elements.
This colorless gel leaves makeup looking fresh and colour-true the entire day. Vitamins A, C and E act as antioxidants that protect the skin from harmful, aging effects of the environment. Ideal for normal and combination skin types.

This is one of the item I chose. I’ve always wanted to try Laura Mercier products, so this was very exciting for me. I love finding great primers because it is literally the base of your make up. Id you have a good base, your good to go! This is a 30ml. Full sized is 50ml worth £29. I think 30ml is an amazing sample size.

Lola Barcelona Nail Polish in Rambla


Inspired by the vibrancy and style of it’s namesake, Lola Barcelona’s nail polish is our latest mani obsession. Formulated with diamond dust to provide extra strength and durability (meaning you can skip the top coat if you’re feeling a little lazy!), these polishes are super glossy and ultra long-lasting. Plus, as if that wasn’t enough, the polishes are completely free of chemical nasties and toxic ingredients! Trust us, your nails will thank you for it.

I love this colour… These beauty subscriptions must know because I have a very similar colour in another one last month! Can’t remember which one.. Love that you can skip the top coat if you want. I love a good nail varnish that can hold its own! This is a full sized 8ml nail varnish worth £7.50

Percy & Reed London Smoothed, Sealed & Sensational Volumising No Oil Oil


Ideal for: Fine, lank hair that lacks volume; can be used on fine to medium hair of any length. Enriched with violet extract and pro-vitamin B5, which help to strengthen your hair, this multi-tasking, volume-boosting oil from Percy & Reed nourishes and repairs your hair, so that it looks glossy, sleek and smooth, and with added volume.
Fragranced with a unique scent, A Walk In The Rain, created by the founders of Percy & Reed, Paul Percival and Adam Reed, and inspired by their love of the British countryside. The scent is a revitalising aroma with notes of mint, rhubarb, geranium and verbena.

My hair frankly does not need volume! I have such thick hair I have trouble keeping it sleek as it is! But it will be useful for its strengthening and nourishing claims. This is a 30ml sample. Full size is 60ml worth £14. Pretty good sample size again!

Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash


This face cleanser gently polishes skin with perfectly soft, round exfoliating beads. The oil-free, 2-in1 gel cleanser and exfoliator effectively removes dirt and makeup. It gently exfoliates with perfectly soft, round exfoliator beads, calms the skin with soothing botanicals. Guys have been known to sneak some as a shaving cream stand-in.

Always happy to receive a fash wash. I’m actually running out of one im currently using so this is the perfect opportunity to try a new one out. This is a 30ml sample. Full
Size is 197ml worth £19.50… Must be good at that price!

Korres Bergamot Pear Body Milk


Moisturising body milk with an exceptional powdery texture. Rich in trace elements that awaken the epidermis, offering an energy boost. 

I’ve tried another korres body milk before which was the Korres Citrus Body Milk.  I found it quite drying which was disappointing, but thought it might work better when it gets a bit warmer.. Like now! Thanks for the reminder Birchbox! It smells absolutely gorgeous and I can’t wait to put it on! It seems quite lightweight which is good, I hate standing around waiting for milks to dry! This is a 40ml sample. Full size is 200ml worth £10.

Beauty Bonus!

Befine Warming Clay Mask


Warming Clay Mask provides an energizing detox for your skin.It’s self-warming formula heats on contact as the natural clay works to purify and refine.Packed with powerful anti oxidents,enzymes and humectants, Warming clay Mask soothes as it infuse youe skin with ingredients to nourish and protect.

Love getting sachets of masks! Makes me feel like a kid again, buying the single sachets from boots and superdrug for sleep over when I was a kid! Bonus it’s a warming one because I love warming ones! It contains the powerful anti oxidants pomegranate to detox the skin. Full size is a 150ml tub worth £17.

I’m extremely impressed with this month’s box! I would class that as a royal box. It’s coveted all areas. Nails, make up, hair, body, face.. Brilliant effort from the team at Birchbox! My favourite item is… You may have guessed the Laura Mercier Foundation Primer! Can’t wait to try it out and potentially buy more products from their range!

If you’re interested in subscribing to Birchbox, use my referral link and each of our accounts will be credited with £5 to use in the birchbox shop!

What did you think of your products this month? Tried any of the ones I received? What did you think? Let me know!

Superdrug Haul

Hello beauties! I hope you’re all well. So I took a trip to the shopping centre and I couldn’t help but pass Superdrug and take a look at some stuff! It seems I can’t pass a superdrug without buying something…


I’ve been hearing alot of good things about superdrugs own brand skincare product so I thought I would take a look. Good thing is, if you don’t like the product or you have a reaction, you can just take it back for a refund! And while passing I chucked a few (alot) of nail polishes in my basket to try!

MUA Nail Polish


The same great product in a brand new bottle! Maximum impact nails with an intense colour, use 2 coats. Make Up Academy provides trend shades on a budget, allowing you to achieve the latest looks without breaking the bank!

So these caught my eye because… Well they were £1 to start off with! But i love the vibrant colours that are available too. I’m never gona expect alot from a nail varnish that’d £1 but MUA might surprise me here! From left to right we have Truffle Cream, Sweet Peach, Orchid, Ultramarine and Pitch Black. They are pretty small bottles, it doesn’t say the volume of the nail polish, but i would guess about 7ml. I’ll get around to using these soon as let you know how they are!

Revolution Nail Polish


I’d love to be able to tell you more about what Revolution say about this nail varnish.. Unless they have changed the packaging of them.. I can’t find then anywhere!…. Or they are so new they aren’t on the Internet… Anyway.. I only got two because I had so many of the MUA polishes. These again were £1 which again, is what drew me to them! From left to right they are Luxury Cream and Adore. I’m excited to try the white out because it’s hard to find a good flat white.

Naturally Radiant Brightening Hot Cloth Cleanser


Superdrug Naturally Radiant Brightening Hot Cloth Cleanser is formulated with a unique energising complex and infused with Kiwi Fruit and Mulberry extracts to help revive skin’s radiance and even out skin tone.
Enriched with nourishing Cocoa Butter, this rich and creamy formulation melts into the skin and cleanses away make-up and impurities, whilst also providing gentle exfoliation, leaving skin feeling renewed, soft and ultra clean.

Infused with plant extracts:
– Kiwi Fruit extract is a rich source of Vitamin C, which is renowned for its remarkable ability to help brighten and even out skin tone, while also providing antioxidant protection against free radicals.
– Mulberry Fruit extract has naturally strong brightening properties which can help to reduce discolouration and even out skin tone.
– Cocoa Butter is a rich emollient with excellent skin softening and conditioning properties.

I have combination skin. Sometimes my skin is dry. Sometimes it’s oily. Sometimes it’s both. I like cream cleansers because the are great when my skin is feeling greasy, and this one has a cloth included which is great!

Superdrug Vitamin E Dual Phase Cleansing Oil


Vitamin E Dual Phase Cleansing Oil is specially formulated to gently but effectively cleanse away impurities, helps to remove makeup and mascara in one easy step, leaving skin feeling clean and soft.

Gentle but effective way to cleanse away impurities, makeup and mascara
Multivitamin complex and Horse Chestnut to care for dry skin
Antioxidant protection to shield skin from environmental damage and to prevent premature skin ageing.

As I said to the previous cleanser, this one will be great for me when I’m having a dry skin day. I love oil cleansers, they are so nourishing when my skin is feeling dry!

Naturally Radiant Brightening Eye Cream


Superdrug Naturally Radiant Brightening Eye Cream is formulated with a naturally revitalising blend of ingredients and infused with Mulberry and Kiwi extracts to help brighten and smooth the eye area
Enriched with nourishing Sugar Beet extract, this lightweight formulation leaves the skin feeling softer and smoother and looking more youthful.

Infused with plant extracts:
– Kiwi Fruit extract is a rich source of Vitamin C, which is renowned for its remarkable ability to help brighten and even out skin tone, while also providing antioxidant protection against free radicals.
– Mulberry Fruit extract has naturally strong brightening properties, which can help to reduce discolouration and even out skin tone.
– Sugar Beet extract is a natural moisturiser, which helps improve skin’s barrier function and leave skin feeling soft and supple.

I’ve run out of eye cream (I know.. It’s not like me to run out of anything!) so I decided to pick this up too while I was browsing superdrug skincare range. I’ve read nothing about this but all I can do is try it out for a couple of months and review the benefits. My eye area needs Brightening and smoothing out so I’m hoping this is the product to do it!

Reviews will be up for the products I have featured when I have had a chance to try them out!

Have you tried any if these items? What did you think? Let me know!

Avon MagiX Multi Benefit Illuminator

Hello beauties! I hope you’re all well. So I’ve been using this illuminator for a while now, and I actually wrote a review on it… But it got deleted! Never mind, you’re getting it now! I brought two of these in a recent Avon Haul.. Why two? Because it’s amazing.. Frankly!



Liquid highlighter, formulated with special light reflecting particles to give skin a radiant and illuminated appearance. With HD Finish Complex to blur the appearance of pores, lines and imperfections.

Apply to brow bone, bridge of nose and chin for a glowing look. Highlight cheekbones by applying to the highest point and blending outwards. Define lips by applying to Cupid’s bow. Gently dab on under eye area to camouflage dark circles.

I’ve mostly been using this for the dark circles under my eyes. Every now and again I’ll use it as a highlighter… But I think this product really shines for me when I haven’t had much sleep! Which is hardly ever since I hate going to bed early..
The thing that attracted me to this is that it doubles up as a concealer, which made me quite curious. I’ve always been under the impression that you keep your highlighters away from your imperfections… But this one is different. It totally works both ways! This isn’t glittery like other highlighters too, it leaves you with a subtle shimmery glow.
The applicator is great. It allows you to be very precise, which is especially good when highlighting. The formula is very creamy and light, but buildable.  It doesn’t cake, which is especially important when using it under your eyes.. No one wants to look like they have bags! It doesn’t dry out your skin, which is great for me since I have dry skin prone around my eyes. If you use liquid or mineral/powder foundation the Illuminator works well under both.  Not only does the formula have coverage, but it has a little iridescence, which helps facilitate in the coverage and brightening under the eyes.

This has become a staple in my makeup routine. I can’t do my make up without it! My eyes look so awake when I cover up my dark circles, and it highlights my cheek bones to sculpt my face. I love a good multipurpose product, and this is one of them! It is currently available from Avon for £8.50 but they can usually be found in some deals they have in the avon brochure. I couldn’t be within this gem! I would go as far as saying it’s a dupe for Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat. I used to buy that quite a lot and loved it. The only problem is the price. It’s not the sort of thing that I could keep repurchasing…Although I’d love to! This is a purse friendly dupe!

Have you used this? What do you think? Any highlighters/concealers you have been loving lately? Let me know!

How to get your feet ready for spring!

Hello beauties! I hope you are all good. So spring is here and this is the time of year to get out your sandles and sunglasses and enjoy what sun we get! But there is one thing we have to prepare… And that’s our feet! We all do it.. We all forget about our feet in the winter. They are hidden away in closed shoes for months and months and we just forget to take care of them! I thought to myself last year that I was gonna try and take care of my feet throughout winter. I did.. For a couple of months.. And then totally forgot! But have no fear, I have wrote up this post so we can all get our feet ready for spring and in to those new sandals you just brought!

Hard Skin
Heels get thick skin in the winter. Before I shower I use the Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Electronic Foot File. It’s great because it takes all the effort out of filing your feet. The file has a roller head that turns and you just apply a little pressure to remove any thick skin. Don’t press to hard though or it just stops! This is currently available at Boots for £29.99! It’s so worth it. So much better then those pumice stones, and less effort too!


Foot Scrub
I realise you aren’t gonna have time all the time to file down your dry skin.. Cause it does take a while! So in between treatment I use The Body Shop Peppermint Soothing Pumice Foot Scrub. The exfoliating volcanic rock granules help to slough away rough patches of hardened skin, to leave feet femininely soft, smooth and freshly fragrant. Perfectly prepared for those strappy sandals! You can get a 100ml tub for £7 which is pretty good…
and it smells amazing!


One product i have been loving lately is something I got some Christmas, which is Soap and Glory Heel Genius. I apply this at night after my shower and put some cotton socks on I got from Avon and go to bed! In the morning my feet feel amazingly soft. This is currently available at Boots for £5.50 for a 125ml tube which lates a while! Still haven’t gotten through mine yet!


Toe Hair!
Everyone has it, some more than others. You can remove toe hair any way you like.. depilatory, shave, wax, whatever works. Removing toe hair is one of those little things that can make your feet look smooth and polished!

After all that, all you have to do is paint your nails! That’s the fun part. What products have you been using to get your feet into shape ready for spring?