Make Up Gallery Time To Shine Nail Polish Review

Hello beauties! I hope you are all week. So these nail varnishes are from my Poundland Haul I did not that long ago. I was so curious to see how these nail varnishes would weigh up against drugstore nail polishes, or even high end. Considering that they are only £1 each (never would or guessed in a pound shop!) I wasn’t expecting alot. I’m the sort of person though that if I see a cheap nail polish, I’ll buy a couple just to see what it’s like. Cause when I find a cheap polish that’s amazing, I’ll go crazy and buy all the colours!



Purple Sheen



Time To Shine Nail Polish contains high shine, long lasting, quick drying colour that will transform your nails in minutes giving a sleek professional finish! This amazing range gives so much choice sporting 39 exciting colours for every type of occasion, mood or outfit! The range includes simple matte colours such as Winter White, Simply Nude, Latte & Mushrom Magic, pretty pastel colours such as Spearmint & Lilac Lush, brilliant brights such as Popping Pink, Electric Orange & Sunshine Yellow, dangerous darks such as deep Amethyst, Midnight Black & Sapphire Blue, not forgetting the metallics and glitters with Precious Gold, Silver Treasure, Teal Tinsel, Purple Glitz & Rainbow Sparkle.

The first polish I tried out was the Latte. I was surprised that the varnish was so opaque, I only needed one coat for a full coverage. I love it when I find a polish that is opaque, because it means less coats, which means less drying time, and it does dry fast too! Not as fast as some polishes, which I think is down to its thick consistency, but considering that it’s £1 a bottle I was very impressed! The longevity too is very impressive. I had it on for a week with only slight chipping.

The Purple Sheen required two coats because it’s a sheen colour so didn’t leave a flat colour on my nail bed. This one seemed to dry a bit faster then the latte. I think this is down to it being a thinner consistency. The longevity was also very impressive with this, but it only lasted me 4 days before it started to chip.

Overall, I think this is an amazing varnish for the price. At just £1 you could buy one of each colour and it not put a strain on your bank account. I’m so impressed with the longevity, and how opaque the latte shade is. If your after a cheap nail polish that isn’t going to break the bank, I suggest you head to your nearest Poundland!

What you found any cheap nail polishes that are amazing? Have you tried these out yet? What did you think? Let me know!


3 thoughts on “Make Up Gallery Time To Shine Nail Polish Review

  1. Hi, I love your blog! Really curious as to what you thought of the nail hardener? I’ve bought it today, but it’s the first time I’ve tried a hardener at all and have nothing to compare it to! Just wondered if you knew if this is one of those products that only works when it’s on (like a basecoat) or if it actually hardens nails over time? Thanks! x

  2. Thanks so much!
    To be honest I was dissapointed with the nail hardener. They are used to harden your nails to prevent chipping. My nails are so weak, so I need a product like this just gives my nails some strength. A good nail hardener is sally hansen diamond strength instant nail hardener if it’s something you feel you need. My nails still bend easily with this make up gallery hardener and have been chipping and flaking so it’s a thumbs down from me! Although the actual nail polishes are a different story! My collection is growing every week with the polishes! Hope this helps 😊

    • Thanks for replying so quick!! Mine’s been on a few hours now, not chipped yet, it seems to have ‘sunk in’ – I can’t chip it with my other nails, which is interesting… we’ll see how it goes, my nails flake horribly and are sooo weak because I bite them 😥 Will definitely check out Sally Hansen’s now you’ve recommended it, thanks!! 😀 xx

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