My name is Clare. I’m 25 years old and I live near Birmingham in the West Midlands. It’s okay here. Got everything I need around me. You may not think this but I do love sports. I love football, tennis, basketball. Don’t get me started when the Olympics are on.. I always come away with a new obsession. The last winter Olympics was Curling and the summer Olympics was basketball! But my all time favourite is tennis.
I love going to gigs and festivals. My all time favourite festival is Reading Festival. I can’t think how many times I’ve seen but it’s alot. My favourite bands at the moment are Kasabian and Arctic Monkeys.
I first got into make up when I was a kid. I remember making my mom paint my nails Sunday nights before school. I also remember always looking though my mom’s make up bag at all the products she used! Nosey bugger I was! I’ve always loved make up. Alot of people say I look girly but my personality isn’t girly? If that makes sense. Maybe because I like sports and video games.. I don’t know
Well anyway that’s me!
If you wanna know anything else just ask!

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