NOTD still experimenting with tape!

Hello beauties! I hope you’re all well. So I’m still experimenting with tape at the moment. And by tape I mean your usual sellotape! I’m still waiting for my actual nail art tape to come in the post. Hopefully it will be here soon, as in getting rather impatient!


Yes I’m still loving my OPI silver! I started off with Azature Lilac Diamond Nail Polish which is amazing. It dries so quickly which is good when you need to use tape. It stays so shiny too. After it had dried I covered half of my nail diagonally with tape and painted over with OPI Turn On The Haute Light which I’m sure to all know from my previous NOTD posts is a great polish for nail art. It’s so opaque so you don’t need multiple coats which causes stepping. I then went over the overlap with my black nail pen from my Seventeen Nail Clash Collection. I am loving using tape… Just need my actual stripping tape to come so I can do more interesting nail art!

NOTD: Breakfast At Tiffany’s

Hello beauties! I hope you’re all well. I have a tooth ache at the moment which is highly annoying! Nothing I hate more then a tooth ache, and I always seem to have them, but the dentist says there is nothing wrong with my teeth.. Anyway.. Back to my nails of the day!



I am obsessed with this OPI Turn On The Haute. It’s such an amazing polish for nail art. Again, I’m still enjoying using tape for nail art. It’s just normal sellotape I’m using at the moment cut up, but I have some actual nail art tape that’s a lot thinner that I will be experimenting with soon. The other shade I have is Headline Colours Nail Polish which I absolutely love too. It reminds me of tiffany boxes. It dries so quickly and it’s such a vivid colour. It dries very quickly, and only requires one coat for a completely opaque coverage. The nail art pen is from my Seventeen Nail Clash Collection I got in my Boots Sale Haul. I’m loving these nails at the moment! I’m really enjoying experimenting more. Can anyone recommend some other things to try? Link me to your posts if you have done any cool nail art!

NOTD: Dennis the Menace

Hello beauties! I hope you all had a lovely valentines day. Me? I was at home with my boyfriend, Netflix! Currently obsessed with a TV show Scandal. It’s a political drama and it’s amazing. So if your after something to watch, I recommend that!



So I’ve been experimenting with tape. I decided to use C&E Rough Sublime for the base and Ciaté Unrestricted Glam for the top. In a past NOTD I used this Ciaté and said that it wasn’t very opaque, but I wanted a black and red for my nails. I had to apply two coats to get the black opaque, but unfortunately it left my nails with a ridge. I love the effect of this using the tape, but I just need a better black so I don’t have such noticeable ridges. If you know of a black that’s very opaque with one coat let me know! The red is a lovely shade and dries very quickly, so you don’t have to wait too long to apply the tape. It has a very suttle shimmer to it too which is lovely. Overall I really love this design, but the black kinda let’s it down too. I’m gonna be using tape for more designs in my future posts, it makes nail art so much easier!

NOTD: All That Jazz Lipstick Is Our Obsession


Hello beauties! I hope your all well. I’m quite ill at the moment with a horrendous cough and cold so sorry I’ve been a bit quiet lately. Not sleeping much at the moment at night so when I finish work I haven’t got the energy to do much! But i have got the energy to do my nails! I love this nail varnish. I wore it alot over Christmas because it just screams Christmas! It’s a glitter infused red which I adore. The picture shows 2 coats which I think is quite good for a glitter infused polish! It dries very quickly, so it’s an ideal go to polish if your in a bit if a rush and don’t have time to wait around. It’s quite a tough wearing polish too, which I find most glitter based varnishes are.

what are you wearing at the moment?

NOTD: Ciaté Unrestricted Glom


I love black because it goes with everything! I was going to do one nail with some glitter on, but I think it just looks lovely and moody just the way it is! Excuse the messiness on my cuticles, it looks worse in the picture then it did on! I usually love Ciaté nail polish, but this black doesn’t go on very opaque. It takes about 3 coats to get a full and flat colour. I think with blacks, they should be very opaque and this just isn’t. It took alot of effort to get it like this, which is why I probably have messy cuticles. However the formula is easy to control and it does dry in a good amount of time.

I recently brought a nail art set so I’m going to be experimenting alot more so I’ll keep you posted!

What are you wearing this week? Let me know!

NOTD: Boutique Nail Polish – Away With The Fairies

Hello beauties! I hope you are having a lovely Sunday. Today I’ve been wearing Boutique Nail Polish Away With The Fairies I received in my January You Beauty Discovery Box.


When I saw the lid for this nail polish, I thought it was going to be so hard to control. I was surprised to realise that you can actually take off the chunky lid, and there is a small holder for the brush. I was so glad as large lids made for messy nails in my opinion. Makes it so much harder to control. This is a sheer nude colour that is very wearable for any occasion. The picture shows three coats, and even though I put on three coats, I was surprised at how quickly it dries! I’m very much the sort of person who likes a very opaque polish, but I was surprised how much I loved this! The formula is quite thin, but easy to control. I’d love to try out some more opqaque shades from their range!
What are you wearing on your nails today?

NOTD: Azature Lilac Diamond Nail Polish

What can I say.. I couldn’t wait to try it! So you probably read that I got this in my Selfridges Haul in their sale from £17 to £3! And it was an absolute bargain..


I’m a big fan of purple. It’s one of my favourite colour, so when I saw this on offer it went straight into my basket. I’m so glad I did because it’s such a cracking nail polish! This was just one coat, how opaque is that? The formula is thicker then most polishes I’ve used which makes it very easy to keep control of, but thankfully doesn’t drag along your nail bed so you don’t get a smooth finish. There is nothing I hate more then making a mess with a nail varnish and spending 10 minutes tidying them up, and because it only need one coat it dries so fast. Perfect for when you haven’t got alot of time for multiple coats and drying time. The brush looked smaller then I’m used to when I first looked at it, but it works great with the consistency of the polish. I think I need to get more of these!

What are you wearing this week on your nails? Let me know!