Rimmel London Fix & Perfect Pro Primer Review

I brought this a while ago in a 3 for 2 offer because my revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer was running out. I haven’t actually came across any reviews of this yet so I thought I would knock one out for you guys!


Unique advanced formula Foundation glides on more smoothly, more evenly and wears longer, or wear alone for an all-day fresh and even complexion. Smoothes to minimize pores. Resurfaces for an even complexion. Brightens skin all day. Mattifies and eliminates shine. Protects skin from environmental aggressors

My skin seems to have changed a lot lately. I have combination skin, so it tends to go from one extreme to the next. At the moment it’s really dry. I’ve had a couple of break outs which is really starting to annoy me. I’ve stopped using alot of skincare products to try and sort it out. Sometimes I think using too many products can make your skin worse. So while I’m going through this change, this primer has been the perfect partner in crime.


This primer comes in a squeeze tube, which I don’t really like because it’s not very sanitary, but that’s the only thing I don’t like about it. The thing I love about this primer is that it doesn’t have that silicon feel like alot of primers. It’s so creamy and moisturising, it really packs a punch on my dry areas. It’s not greasy at all which is what I hate about alot of primers. It leaves my skin feeling totally smooth, the perfect canvas for my foundation! What’s even more impressive is that even though this primer is super hydrating, it really does leave you with a matte finish! I usually let this primer settle into my face for about 5 minutes until I apply the rest of my makeup. The only reason I do this is because I feel my skin feels even softer if I just let it stettle, not because it’s greasy at all. Even around my blemished areas, it seems to help my foundation mask the flakey and red areas.
It keeps my slightly oilier areas of my face at bay too. For some reason, the foundation around my nose always seems to shift (if you know why, please tell me!). It becomes patchy and the skin on my chin would become dry and flakey. But with this, it stays put. It keeps the dry areas of my face moisturised, and the oily parts of my face mattified. A pretty impressive all round product! Because this primer is quite creamy and thick, it does a brilliant job at filling those annoying pores I have on my nose.

Considering my own skin, I’m not too sure how it would suffice with people that have very oily skin, because of it being so hydrating. But if you have dry skin with slight oily parts, or one or the other, this will be great for you. One thing that annoys me about makeup brands is  that they boast about their products too much. I didn’t see any evidence of Brightening or Projecting. But it does everything I expect it to from a primer, so that doesn’t overly bother me.

Have you tried this primer? What did you think? Let me know!

Rimmel London Haul


Hello beauties! I’m so exhausted today! It was my first day back at work today after having a week off, and after doing pretty much nothing… I’m aching so much! So I recently went to superdrug to purchase a few things… Then I saw that they were giving away a free mascara if you spent £10 or more on Rimmel London products…. Who am I to say no to a free mascara! After all, I am on the search for a mascara that actually doesn’t smudge under my eyes!

Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara



Our first ultra lengthening mascara that defies the laws of lash length!
– Length that defies limits
– Formula with Micro-Fibres
-Instant wow: Extends lashes by up to 99%
– Lash-catching brush grabs every lash for perfect separation. No clumps!

For a free mascara, how can I really moan? It all depends if it doesn’t smudge! Well.. The description doesn’t tell me that it doesn’t smudge.. Which is not promising, and it’s not waterproof either.. I think I was rather hastey because it was free. Although I do like the brush. It’s the sort that’s gonna really separate your lashes. The head is quite bendy too so you can get into the corners with them, as well as being slender. The formula look quite thick too. It’s not the blackest I’ve seen. I look forward to trying it out!

Rimmel Wake Me Up Make Up Concealer


Rimmel’s first full coverage concealer.
Instant anti-fatigue effect with peptides and vitamin moisturising complex. Visibly reawakens and illuminates under the eyes.Completely conceals spots and other blemishes.

I’ve read alot of rave reviews about this concealer, so i had to check out the hype. One thing I did notice while trying to choose my shade was… They don’t have many shades do they? Only 4 i counted.. I’m not even sure that the shade i picked out for myself.. Which was the lightest I could find.. Is even gonna suit my skin tone… I’ll have to wait and see to try it!

Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer 



It’s the End of Colour as you know it! The intense rich colour of a lipstick, enhanced by a satin smooth shine.
It’s neither a lipstick nor a gloss… It’s BIGGER than both! LONG LIVE THE COLOUR!

I love the name of this lip lacquer! I’m obsessed with reds, I know… I really need to step away from the reds and actually try other shades! The brilliant thing about this lip lacquer is the applicator. It has a slight groove where the product can sit, so when you apply it you have maximum product without it going everywhere! I couldn’t find the shade I picked out on the superdrug website, but it’s called 307 Meteoric Matte. Can’t even find any mattes on their either!

So that’s my Rimmel London haul for you! I really need to stop buying product, it’s making a dent in my bank balance! Reviews for each of these products will be available as soon as I’ve had chance to use them all for a while.

Have you tried any of these product? What did you think? Let me know!

Review: Rimmel London Stay Matte Long Lasting Pressed Powder


Up to 5 hours natural shine control with natural minerals. Helps minimise the appearance of pores. Dermatologically tested

I brought this when Superdrug had there 3 for 2 offer on. I did a post about what i brought here. It was an impulse buy as I was running out of my current powder.

I brought this in transparent just to take with me to work to use throughout the day. It lasts a good few hours and has a good Matte finish. I wouldn’t say that it minimises the appearance of pours, but what beauty product doesn’t claim things that just don’t work. I didn’t buy it to reduce my pours anyway.. It keeps my face looking great throughout the day. It doesn’t leave me feeling cakey at all, I think sometimes when people do feel cakey from there powder it could be from the brush you use picking up too much powder, so a decent brush always helps with this. The light coverage finishes my make up perfectly. It sets soft and light, it doesn’t even feel like I’m wearing it and and I enjoy the ability to wear it for all occasions and everyday.

For a powder it does what it needs to do. The pour minimiser aspect however, I just don’t see the claims being fulfilled. But who buys a power to minimise pours? Not me anyway.. It lasts and that’s all I care about. It doesn’t leave my face too powdery. For £3.99 it’s a bargain for what it is.

Have you tried this product? What did you think? What Pressed powders do you use?

Review: Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil

I have been using this a few years now. I’ve tried other eyebrow pencils and some have been too creamy or some just don’t have the shades I’m looking for, but this one has been a staple in my make up bag for a long time. I’m not much of a fan of filling in my eyebrows with power, I’ve always been a pencil girl.


Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil is used to enhance and refine the shape of the eyebrows. It can be used to fill gaps or lengthen the arc of the eyebrow to create the desired look.

This is my everyday eyebrow pencil. This pencil is what it is. it’s a kohl pencil and the lid also doubles as a little brush so you can brush your eyebrow hairs before and after filling them in. It doesn’t come in very many shades, which isn’t too good. But I’ve always been happy with the Hazel shade. I don’t like having my eyebrows too dark since my hair is blonde. The pencil is very pigmented, and my favourite thing about it is its a matte finish. The brush is handy to make you look more natural. Other pencils I’ve used before have been very creamy and I didn’t like that as my eyebrows would clump together, which would make them look like they were drawn on. It lasts ages too. A pencil lasts me about 3 months usually.

If your picky with colours and you want alot of choice, this isn’t the pencil for you. But if one of there shades is your perfect match it’s a very good everyday cheap pencil. For £2.99 I think it’s a steal.