New From Sleek Limited Edition Rio Rio I-Divine Palette

Encapsulate the colourful world of Brazil’s carnival with Sleeks new limited edition Rio Rio I-Divine Palette. Inspired by the explosions of vibrant exotic colours seen at Rio carnival, with bursts of golden yellow, intense fuchsia and metallic green hues.


Each shade is highly pigmented, reflecting the exciting carnival celebrations and everything that is Brazilian! Create shimmering eyes with super-charged shades that pop.


This palette of vibrant colours suits all skin tones and the exclusive packaging captures the flamboyant, exotic carnival costumes.

Available here while stocks last!
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Review: Sleek Make Up i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette


This was my first ever sleek Eyeshadow palette. I had heard alot of good things about there Eyeshadows so I thought I would give it a go. I brought this in my Amazon Mini Haul

The palette comes in 12 shades of super-pigmented, long lasting, mineral based eye shadows, and the Au Naturel is a mixed palette full of matte and shimmery eye shadows. I love how pigmented the bottom row is, and the shades with shimmer in them are gorgeous. I also love how light the top row is. Great mix of colours. It is everything i wanted and needed, i can create day look/evening look, smoky eye/nude eye and don’t need to buy lots of different eyeshadows. It stays all day and the texture of the shadow is so soft. It has mirror which is so useful too so you can take it on the go. So let’s do some swatches! First row is in order from left to right, bottom row the Noir is first cause I ran out of room! 

Top row:


Nougat: this is a matte creamy shade. Although not very pigmented, it’s a great highlight or base colour. 
Nubuck: this is a matte shade. It has mixtures of lilac when on the skin with brown tones. Pigment is a little better in this shade. 
Cappucino: this is a matte shade. It’s very natural. Pigment is okay. 
Honeycomb: this is a matte shade. It is beige with yellow tones. Pigment is okay. 
Toast: this is a matte shade. It has orange tones. Would look nice on someone with tanned skin but for my pale mug not so much. Pigment is good. 
Taupe: this is a shimmery shade. It’s a champagne colour with hints of peach. Pigment is very good. 

Bottom row


Noir: this is a matte shade. It is very black and is very pigmented. 
Conker: this is a shimmer shade. It’s a dark purple and has very good pigmentation. 
Moss: this is a mixture of shimmer and matte. It’s a nice medium brown shade. Pigment is very good. 
Bark: this is a matte shade. This is a dark brown with grey tones. Pigment is very good. 
Mineral Earth: this is a shimmer shade. I love the brown tones in this I think it’s my favourite and very pigmented. 
Regal: this is a matte shade. It’s a lovely purple shade. Pigment is very good. 

Shades Cappuccino or Honeycomb can be applied on the eye lid as a base for every look. Soft shimmery shade Taupe can be applied to the inner corners to brighten the face and widen eyes. Blend darker shades Bark or shimmery Mineral Earth along the eye socket to contour and add definition to your eyes. 
A beautiful daytime eyes by applying Cappuccino or Honeycomb all over the eyelid and Taupe to the inner corners. Finish by blending Conker or Bark, depending on your skin tone, along the eye socket to define eyes. 
For a smokey effect sweep Noir or Mineral Earth lightly along the top and bottom lash lines 

I’m really impressed by this palette. Especially for the money. I wasn’t expecting this quality for under £6. I’d use all the colours in it which never really happens for me. Out of the 12 shades, 8 are matte and 4 are shimmer which I think is a good mix. The shimmer shades too aren’t too over the top like they can be which is nice. Would I buy In other shades? Definitely. And I will be! 

Have you used this palette? What did you think? Any palettes you want to recommend? Let me know!