Glossybox June First Impressions

Hello beauties! I hope your all good. I’ve just got over the worst cold of my life. Colds in the summer are the worst.. But now I can breath and sleep properly so all is good! Back to blogging!


This month’s Glossybox is about festival season and upcoming holidays. This box includes must haves to take with you! It’s even got 3 full sized product to last us all summer. Sounds great so far!

MONU Spa Rosewood Reviving Mist


The perfect pick-me-up for dull days and stressed skin, to leave you feeling calm, comforted and in control. Created using a blend of zesty essential oils. A blend of zesty essential oils from Lemon and Rosewood.

I love MONU Spa product so I was really happy to receive more from them. It smells gorgeous and will be great for those warm summer days when you need a cool down. Perfect size to keep in your handbag too! This is a 50ml sample size. Full size is 100ml worth £11.95

Glossybox Flash Tattoos


We’re always working to ensure our glossies are a step ahead when it comes to trends, so we’ve designed these exclusive faux tattoos. Make like the A-Listers and wear them stacked around your wrist with a few bangles, or apple them somewhere different such as above the ankle.

To be honest I think these are a bit naff and something I would of worn as a child! Probably end up in the bin!

Halo Fragrances Free Facial Wipes


Fragrance Free Facial Wipes are formulated to gently cleanse your skin removing any make-up, including waterproof mascara. Suitable for sensitive skin, with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera to help leave your skin feeling cleansed and moisturised.

I’ve used Halo Wipes before. Mostly when I go to festivals because they do ones specially for your body which is always handy when your not gonna shower for a while! These will come in handy when I run out of face wipes. This is a full sized 10 wipe pack worth £1.20

Kueshi Anticellulite Booster


The combination of natural ingredients work together to help to stimulate the bloods circulation which in turn protect and reinforce the linings of our veins. The added antioxidant agents also fights against the signs of ageing.

I’m always up for trying out product that will help me tone and reduce cellulite. No one wants cellulite! Although I am always quite sceptical about products like this, as long as you combine it with the gym you might see results. It soaks into your skin really quickly which is great as I hate waiting around for creams to dry! This is a full sized 150ml tube worth £14.55

Essence The Gel Nail Polish


Meet our latest nail obsession. This innovative nail polish has a long lasting get formula, for an amazing shiny manicure that endures all week.

I actually have some essence nail polish in my collection I haven’t tried out yet. You can find it in Wilkinsons in the UK and I stumbled across it and brought a few products! It’s a German brand, I now this because I got some of their products in my beauty swap with Reify who is from Germany! The shade I received is called Ever Young which is a very girly warm pink. Not a colour I would of picked for myself, but I’ll still probably wear it! This is a full sized 8ml bottle worth £1.71

So I’m pretty pleased with this box! Except for the faux tattoos of course! I wouldn’t of minded if it was an added extra obviously, but as one of my 5 I’m not too pleased. Regardless, my box is worth around £30 which is great.

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November Glossybox First Impressions

Hello beauties! So after this month’s Birchbox, I was hoping Glossybox would have something amazing too. This month’s box had another 3 full sized items, which I always love getting!


Lollipops Make Up Eye Pencil



This retractable Pencil provides a deep colour finish with a long lasting results. Contains vitamin E with anti ageing and anti radical action

I’ve actually never heard of this brand before. I love a good Eyeliner but I’m a big fan of gel eyeliners at the moment. Not sure if this is gel, but it’s black so that’s always a good start! And the packaging is amazing! This is a full sized item worth €14

Burts Bees Lip Shine


100% natural, sheer colour enriched with a moisturising apricot wax glides on lips for a sweet and super shiny finish.. So your lips shine as much as your personality.

Everyone’s heard of Burts Bees. I haven’t actually used any of their products, so I’m excited to try it out. This shade is called Smooch and it’s a lovely deep red. This is a full sized 14g tube worth £6.99

H20+ Face Oasis Hydrating Treatment


This oil free moisture gel delivers deep hydration with minimising the appearance of fine lines.

This is another brand I’m not too familiar with. This is perfect for the winter weather with skin prone to drying out. I’m interested in investigating how it will minimise fine lines too. This is a 8g sample, full size is 50ml worth £27.50

MONU Skincare Firming Fiji Facial Oil


A facial oil containing plant oils to nourish and protect whilst firming and toning skin.

I’m a massive fan of MONU Spa Warming Ginger Massage Body Oil, so I was so glad to see yet another MONU product for me to try. I love facial oils, so I’m really excited to try this out. This is a 30ml sample. 100ml is worth £26

Umberto Giannini Tousled Salt Spray


From cool rock chick hair to party glamour, this salt spray gives the perfect lived in texture leaving you with volumised sultry locks!

Salt spray always makes me nervous. My hair is quite dry, so I always assume that adding a product like this will just dry my hair out more. I was curling (well, trying) my hair one day and I swear I had a sample of some salt spray somewhere but I couldn’t find it, hopefully I won’t loose this one by the time I decide to try and curl my hair again! With the size of it though, full size I may add! That might be pretty impossible. This is a full sized 200ml bottle worth £6

So all my full sized items came to £24. So I’ve made my money back from those! The extras are an added bonus! Glossybox are being very consistent with their full sized items lately which is really good to see. But I still think that my Birchbox was better this month!

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What did you get this month? Anything good? Let me know!

Review: Aromatherapy Associates Revive Morning Bath & Shower Oil

Wake yourself up with this reviving blend of pink grapefruit, rosemary and Jupiter berry essential oils, perfect to shrug off sluggishness before showing.


So I received this is my May Birchbox and I was so excited to try it out after trying the MONU Spa Warming Ginger Massage & Body Oil I received in April’s Glossybox.. (I recently did a review on this here ) so I run myself a bath, with my tablet fully charged watching an episode of House (I love Hugh Laurie at the moment!) and dived in… Not literally..

Add entire container to your bath or smooth it over your body before showering. Follow with appropriate body wash and moisturises if required.

So the sample i received wasn’t that big compared to the MONU Spa one I received. So I thought to make a good judgement I had to use the same amount in this bath then I did the other… So I poured it all in…
The smell was nice. But it didn’t seem to last very long, where as the MONU Spa oil lasted for hours after my bath, In my bathroom and on me! That disappointed me a little because it did smell nice. Also it didn’t really leave my skin as soft as again the MONU Spa oil. It seems like all I’m doing is banging on about the other product but for the price tag on this one I expected alot more if I’m honest.

I’m sorry to say that I won’t be buying this product in the full size. Guess what I will be buying though? Yeah you already probably know… For £39 I think it’s over priced.

Have you tried this product? Did you enjoy it? Do you disagree with anything I have said? Let me know! X

Review: MONU Spa Warming Ginger Massage & Body Oil

This gorgeous warming Ginger Massage &  Body Oil from MONU Spa will leave skin luxuriously smooth and supple.


So this was out last month’s Glossybox. (April 2014) If you’re a long time Glossybox subscriber like myself you will have seen MONU Spa pop up in your box more then once. So I had a hard day and I felt like I needed to relax. I saw this on my dressing table and though, why not try it now!

Add a small amount to a warm bath to leave your skin beautifully nourished or warm a small amount between your hands and massage into the skin before washing in the bath or shower to leave your skin silky smooth.

I can honestly say, I am very impressed with this product. I enjoy a soak in the bath. I usually take my tablet in there with me and watch a couple of episodes of something on Netflix. I used this product in a warm bath. I filled one cap full and poured it into my bath. I left the bathroom for 5 minutes to get ready and upon  returning, the smell was amazing. It hit me as soon as I stepped into my bathroom. It left my skin feeling luxurious and I could smell the Ginger on me for hours after, and in my bathroom!  One thing I was worried about was it making my hair greasy, because other oils I have used have made my hair go greasy after a day and i was pleased that it didn’t! What it did do is make my hair smell amazing! When this runs out, I will be hopping over to the MONU Spa website to buy a full size one!

If your into your bath bombs and funky soaps or just a good old fashioned bubble bath, this is the item for you. I’m thinking of mixing this oil in with a bubble bath.. That will be my next experiment.
100ml bottle of this is £25, but if it lasts as long as I think it’s going to from the little sample I got, I think that it’s worth it!

Did you receive this product in your last Glossybox? What were your opinions on it? Will you be buying the full size product? Or if your new to this product, are you thinking of trying it? Let me know your opinions and thanks for checking out my blog x